Back to real life

So Day 2 on set was great. All the extras were awesome and it was a pretty fun day altogether. I like working on comedies (especially dark ones) because the number of hilarious people in one room makes for a wicked day of hilarity. I even had a cameo in the video as the coy receptionist.

Today was back to regular-life work and I had a pretty good day. I was running a mix today which is fun because I get to go across the hall and play voice-over director for a while. Today, in particular, our voice actor was a few minutes late, so we turned the cable on and watched the Chile/ Switzerland game on the big screen. fun.

I also met an insane woman today who was hallucinating that my friend and I worked with her and had to help her “finish the project”. You couldn’t tell she was crazy from far away because she looked relatively regular. But then she gets closer and you see the fanny pack. And you know something’s up. And then sure enough, a minute later you own your own business and an imaginary deadline is coming up and you will all “meet back here tomorrow. That’s the plan”… Fanny packs.

Also went for a once-in-a-while McDonalds dinner with Jazzy and then shopped till the stores closed at the Eaton centre. Bought a fun lezzie tank top that will be sure to attract all the truckers at Pride this year. Shows off my biceps. yeeeaaahh…


Being a supporting character in another person’s fantasy.
My addiction to Vitamin Water. It’s getting out of hand- I had 2 today!
All the shoes I tried on today. Where did all the flattering sandals go? Or is it just my feet…


Watching the World Cup during work hours.
These two guys outside of the Eaton Centre who looked to have bought out Aldo. They actually had 8 bags of shoes. It was impressive.
Hanging out with Jazzy Jazz whilst making up harmonized songs about various things in the mall as USUAL.

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