Number Five is Alive!

Hi friends!

Once again, I haven’t had a lot of time to post as I’ve been a busy bee around town. First, Sara’s birthday party which consisted of going to see “Get Him To The Greek” and having a delicious martini and olive pizza at Hey Lucy’s on King. I always feel like I need to look slightly more fashionable on King so I wore heels all day- paying for it still. My feet prefer a thin sheet of flat rubber between them and the ground. And no more than a couple inches of canvas over the top of the foot. Otherwise my feet get claustrophobic and have a panic attack.

Jamie and I have also been gearing up for the shoot this weekend- Jamie’s producing and I’m helping with art department. Last night we were at the location to set dec the first scene- exciting! Until the power went out and we all pooped our pants. But it came back on soon after and all was well. (Excellent story- I know) It’s going to be a long weekend, but for the most part, it should also be really fun. I love being on set. I miss it. I love my regular-every-day job too, but it’s nice to periodically work on things where I get to dust off my creative, artistic side and spend a few days getting dirty and doing real hands-on work. LIKE A REAL MAN! (Growls, tears off lumberjack shirt, eats whole squirrel)

Today was the first day on set and I have to say I’m literally so tired that I refuse to caption the photos. Take that!

Taking the TTC home after the shoot, I actually and legitimately tried for about 10 seconds to walk UP the DOWN escalator. 13 year olds laughed, best moment of my life.

Being on set with good, fun people, set food (oh no, so much candy!), white freezees (first of the summer today!!).

Now please enjoy my lazy blackout night/ 1st day on set pictures. See you later when I’m awake!

One thought on “Number Five is Alive!

  1. Looks like you had a fun but tiring day – wait a minute, isn’t that what you already said? I love the part about going up the down escalator! Who hasn’t done that at least once! Have a great second day on set!

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