Who Says Blogs Are Narcissistic?

Me. I do. Now look at a million pictures of my face.

I have to choose new glasses really soon. It’s getting to the point where I can’t read the menu at Tim Horton’s anymore. I have to ask them to read the daily soups to me. Very depressing. Not to mention my frames have turned all matte and gross instead of shiny and new.

So yesterday I went to Lens Crafters and after beating 7 commission-based banshees away with my umbrella I took approximately 1 thousand pictures of myself wearing approximately 1 thousand different pairs of glasses.

Some of you will not see a difference between any of them. I call you people men.

For those who see that they are all different- tell me which ones to choose! And be ruthless. Tell me which ones accentuate my double chin or my white-chalk complexion. Some of them are here just because I couldn’t NOT take a picture of them, they’re that crazy. But seriously, I need help.


The shame of taking that many pictures of myself in Lens Crafters.


I made fake Thai Gang Panang last night- turned out pretty delicious. (It’s fake because instead of using Panang paste I used Indian red curry…)

This new Jones soda that’s supposed to be “Blueberry Lemonade” flavour but tastes exactly like a candy necklace.

New soccer ball!! Now I can go to the park and challenge old men to mini World Cup. I’m always Guam.

6 thoughts on “Who Says Blogs Are Narcissistic?

  1. So, # 13 makes you look like someones grampa, if their grampa had long, blonde hair and looked like a girl. My favourites are #’s 5, 15 and 18. 🙂

  2. I like #18 &#19 the best! But oddly enough, number 14 looks pretty suave to me! Is that style really coming back? And I like #1-they look like your glasses now!

    Go Guam!

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