Drinking Is An Art

I’m pooped. This weekend has been full and lovely.

First off, I had fantastic dinner/ drinks courtesy of Chef William on Friday. He and Kari have just returned from Europe and have brought with them many delicious foods/drinks/ideas. The first was the “Spritz” from Italy which is really gross/amazingly delicious. I literally cannot explain it. It’s made from Campari and sparkling wine. Following that was a spread of tapenades, my favourite being one made from corn, onions and lavendar- say what??!!! The main course was wild boar (correct) with asparagus and supremely mashed potatoes (they were like clouds) and everything ended with my all-time favourite dessert, Creme Brulée. He made it from scratch, set the thing on fire and everything. Good food makes me smile. I actually do a dance. Many people will notice I start jiggling in my chair when I think something is delicious. Sometimes I don’t even notice. Weird.

On Saturday, Jamie and I ran around town to various places picking up props and set-dec material for an upcoming shoot. We went to several Value Villages, but my favourite stop of the day was the flea market at Old Weston Rd. and St. Claire West. Such an incredibly weird place!!! I only got a couple pics of my favourite random antiquey booth, but they are doosies. Please look for “The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler”.

Saturday evening was spent being artsy and drunk at “Drink and Draw”- a fundraiser type thing which pretty much is exactly what you think it will be when you hear the name. You drink and then you draw. Or you do both at the same time. I tried a few life drawing attempts but ultimately sketched the weirdness that occurs in my brain instead. Let’s just say there’s a giant frog in my picture.

Sunday was delicious brunch at Mitzy’s Sister on Sorauren- really good food, but pretty slow service. You really have to be OK with sitting there all morning enjoying the passers by. Which most of the time I am, so it’s cool. That afternoon was spent sifting through stores in Kensington (more prop hunting) and picking up fresh fruits, veggies and meat at the local market-thing and the butcher. And Loblaws for stuff like pasta sauce- we never succeed at shopping entirely local.

Now it’s time to eat my steak and strawberries, put my feet up and watch the first episode of True Blood Season 3. Booyah.

Mosquito bites from Wednesday’s soccer game. JUST GO AWAY!!!

Pretty much all weekend- but a highlight would be Claire at the bar wildly motioning toward a white guy with male pattern baldness, yelling “Sonia!” in an accusing way. I guess she really couldn’t tell the difference. I almost peed myself with laughter.

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