Fat Chicks in Party Hats


Yesterday we celebrated the birth of my good friend, Daryl. It started with a giant Thai lunch, courtesy of the office. Then, we went out, we had drinks, we (not actually me) skateboarded in a parking lot, we had awesome pizza and we stayed out way too late for a Thursday night. Good times all around. No Waupoos in sight, so I tried a Magner’s Irish Cider. Pretty good- very sweet. Like an alcoholic candy apple.

Today was a sleepy day for the video department, to say the least. Add on a delicious Indian buffet for lunch and what you’re left with is an extremely angry tummy (but a very multicultural one).

I was ran into by a blind man. Meley thought I ran into him. I was innocent. It was ugly. Having to pee so bad in the car after the bar that we literally had to make an extreme emergency stop at a Subway. You never feel like a grown up after that.

Good times with good folks. Skateboarding for 1 minute- my goal since I was 12 was to be a hardcore skateboard chick. Never happened. Sooo much delicious food in sooo little time. It hurts.

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