La Pluie et Les Ladies

My French is amazing.
The past couple of days have been pretty filled to the brim with activities, leaving me with little time to actually blog about them. (Probably a good thing or I may turn into a very sad and pathetic person overall) (Maybe I am already sad and pathetic but that is beside the point). Besides work work work always work, I had a lovely ladies night with the ladies where I was belated birthday gifted The Simple Life Season 5 (yessssssss…) and we watched THE ENTIRE SEASON in one sitting. This is why I love the ladies. No one else appreciates the subtle witty intellect of Nicole Ritchie like they do. And also her hottness.

And today we played our first full soccer game of the season and won 2-0! Boom.
Last week the game was rained out after 1st half because the field was a river. I also got to test drive my new umbrella today. I always feel very sophisticated with my rubber boots and umbrella. Which is odd because rubber boots are probably the least sophisticated thing ever invented besides the fart machine. Just kidding, I take it back. Fart machines are amazing. I also hate when you put rubber boots on in the morning thinking it’s going to rain and then it gets sunny and you walk around all day with your boots on in the heat. That’s a smelly foot.

The rain without thunderstorms. AGAIN. Come on Thor, get on that shit!

Ladies. Jasmine’s cat, Runty. Nicole Ritchie. Leopard Print Snuggies.
Also, Soccer (I play sweeper) Winning Soccer. And the fact that the field where we play is under the Broadview Subway bridge thing when it goes outside. Pretty crazy. About to go WAUPOOS it up with Jamie. WAUPOOS!

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