Fool-Proof Bikini Body

Ho hum pig’s bum. Another busy day at the ole office.

These are the days where the only possible exciting adventure will happen after 5:30 when I get off work (or in today’s case 6pm) because the rest of the day is filled with mostly monotonous day to day activities. Granted some days are better than others, but for the most part, I go to work, I do work, I leave work. And then I have about 5 hours to either go home and watch Cake Boss while eating yogurt from a giant yogurt bucket (ugly) or make the most of the free time I have during the week and cause something fun to happen (awesome). I definitely have my ugly days (which are secretly awesome because I LOVE TLC) but I try not to fall into that lazy rut too often. So on to the point:

Busy busy work.
My flatbread sandwich from Subway. It had WAY too much mustard in it. Ew.
This crazy hair on a man in front of me on the escalator- I can only describe it as a tornado comb-over.
Kind of like this:


NOT going home to watch Cake Boss alone in the dark.
Having a spontaneous Waupoos at the pub right before hitting the gym (a fool-proof tactic for bikini body). Have you ever gone to the gym after accidentally getting buzzed on Waupoos? Me neither. Until today. Everyone was sooo attractive at the gym today…weird.

This is what I will look like in 6 weeks if I stick to my Waupoos + Squats = Hot Bikini Bod plan.

Thumbs up for fitness!

It just can’t fail.

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