On Saturday, we started the weekend with a lovely Vietnamese lunch with mom and grandma followed by a very generous birthday shopping spree which resulted in new clothes, a camera case and a new camera battery. Sweet haul.

Then it was off to Olivea for a delicious fancy birthday dinner with the folks.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any pictures of the most bizarre part of the weekend- the after bar all-night living room dance party at random guy’s apartment on Saturday night. The sunrise in the cab ride home would have made an excellent photo.

Sunday was a yummy Potato pancake breakfast at Smitty’s with mom and then off to the train station to head back to Toronto. All in all a wicked relaxing/fun weekend in KIngston.

But let’s get to it.


Not much. But there was a 50 year old guy on the street who saw me taking pictures, decided he was going to take a picture of me and then practically wrestled me for my camera. He literally was yanking it away from me and his less drunk friends had to pull him away and apologize. He looked like a high school science teacher.

Also: “I’ve been ready to have kids for like 8 years now…” Quote from random new pal Roy from the street- age 19


So much! I love on the train when whatever you’re listening to on your ipod somehow seems like a movie score in a movie where the main character is sitting on the train watching stuff go by. Perfect.

Amazing hanging outness with Kingston people I haven’t seen in a while- Dancing at the Grizz and then on the street and then in a living room.

Seeing my fam. Doesn’t happen often, so it’s always good.

I like Kingston a lot better now than when I lived there. I appreciate it for all it’s coolness more than I ever did before. Pics below of things about Kingston I finally appreciate, random things from my old room in Kingston (untouched since age 16 or earlier) and the train ride back.

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