Just a drop in the bucket

Thursday = Garbage day in Roncesvalles. Rainy, humid garbage. I love rain when it comes with super amazing lightening and thunder, but rain without the theatrics is just annoying. Today, I finally bought an umbrella due to yesterday’s underwater soccer game lesson. It’s bad when you’re playing soccer in torrential downpour but it’s worse when there’s no shelter for your belongings. My pitiful backpack was no match for the lake it sat in all game and all my “dry clothes” were anything but when I went to change. Not to mention my book now has a really good “old, beat up and rotten”¬† look to it. Which I actually don’t mind in old books because I find that all the best used books look like they were beaten and dragged along the ground as punishment for being so good.

Wet Book

High Five for anyone who guesses my book from this picture

Wet Book Page

On to the point:


Yesterday we drove past a 30 something guy on one of those crazy shred sled skateboard-like things where you look the opposite of badass wiggling your ass back and forth to mildly propel yourself forward.
His body looked like this.

But his face looked like this.

Very frightening.


My new umbrella is wicked. It makes me feel very Marry Poppins chic. And also prepared.


Yesterday the ladies and I watched various Olsen Twins clips from their childhood on Youtube. For an hour. “Brother For Sale” anyone?


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