View from above

Today. An average day. Nothing all that good, nothing terribly wrong- all in all a mediocre 14 hours so far. HOWEVER:


The super pushy personal trainer at Extreme Fitness who said things to me like “So you tell me. Which is better? Using 1 muscle or using 30 muscles” I say “30.” He says “That’s right! It’s funny when people understand the logic, but don’t actually do it…”

My new all black canvas shoes. I believe one day I will find a use for you. But the bottom line is- black shoes make your feet look small and your ass look big. The end.


Going on an impromptu work-related field trip. When it’s a choice between sitting under the fluorescents hoping that someone will email you and taking a drive in the summertime at noon, one is far superior.

Crazy neighbourly gathering going on downstairs. I’ve lived here 2 years, have shopped and eaten in every one of the businesses who’s owners are getting drunk in the backyard, and yet have never had an actual conversation with any of them. Wicked. Except for the one who kept calling me “Kath”- not cool.

Backyard BBQ full of neighbourhood Entrepreneurial Bigshots.
Owner of The Little Hair Shop downstairs is in red
Jacob, the trusty assistant on the right

4 thoughts on “View from above

  1. AWESOME: this blog.
    How have you never had a conversation with your neighbours?
    Even I’ve had a conversation with your neighbours
    (albeit a brief one, when I walked into their bachelor party and there was some confusion about a stripper).

  2. Apparently a similar thing happened to the new next door neighbours wherein at their private, house-warming party, a girl walked into the backyard and flashed everyone, then ran away…There’s something about that backyard…

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