Up where the air is clear

Yesterday, I walked down my street and picked up a bunch of delicious items from various butchers/ cheese stores/ veggie and fruit markets, etc. It was good exercise because I walked all the way down to Queen, then started buying stuff and halfway back up the street, I was lugging around an extra 50 pounds (probably not, but I’m lazy). I’m trying a “let’s not eat carbs ALL the time” thing, so I got lots of protein stuff. And also yellow mangoes which are amazing and better than the stupid green ones. I also got raspberries which obviously got squished under all the heavy things in my bags because I am clearly a packing genius. So today for lunch I had me a little cheese/ cucumbers/olive tapenade wrap using deli meat (prosciutto and turkey) as the “bread”. If eating meat and cheese and olives all day is a diet, then call me Jenny Craig.

Then after work I was unexpectedly whisked away for a belated B-Day present from my friend Claire: our annual rooftop beverage at the Park Hyatt. I enjoy this as I get to pretend I’m a high roller. I never feel bad about wearing dirty smelly clothes there either because all the trust fund babies wear dirty smelly clothes also because they’re FILTHY rich. Let’s just say for 3 Apple Mojitos and 1 vodka soda between the 2 of us, it’s a good thing they supply us with a never ending supply of spiced olives, almonds and a kind of luxury chex mix. Otherwise it would be a rip off.
Nevertheless, it’s one of my favourite summer time traditions. Their bathrooms are also very fancy. I did take pictures in the bathroom. I hope that’s not illegal.

The following conversations overheard on the bus/subway today:

“OMG hi, how are you?”
“Where are you coming from right now”
“South Africa. Yah, I went to watch the (some soccer team)/ (some other soccer team) game.”
“Oh…no, I mean right now..”
“Oh. I was at Walmart. Sorry, I’m so used to people asking me how South Africa was. It was great.”

(In hushed voice) “Patrick, I need to find some underwear for tomorrow”
“I need…to find…some UNDERWEAR for tomorrow…”
“I can’t hear you…”
“Underpanties, Patrick, COME ON!”

Rooftop patio good times. Delicious, free olives, etc. Delicious mojitos. Summer in general. Mixed nuts.

hashbrowns to hashbrowns, crust to crust…

Yesterday after the party, Jamie and I recovered just in time to go for a weekend jaunt down Roncy for brunch and book lookin.

Although I love my Roncy, I can not wait until all the construction is gone completely and things start getting back to normal. Right now, there just are not as many people on the streets, not as much liveliness as there used to be. A few of our favourite hang outs bit the dust due to the Sahara-sized pedestrian traffic drought.

This is my memorial to them:

Dear Freshwood Grill. How I loved that giant fish on the back wall. Why was it there? Although your patio was bee city and your air conditioning was non existent, your sandwiches were like big cheesy, melty mayonnaise hugs. And your fries were da bomb.

Dear Silver Spoon. You were my soulmate. I pictured us running away together, dancing hand in hand on the beach while you fed me lamb shank and creme brulée with complimentary green ice cream in between courses to “cleanse my palette”. Also I probably loved you so much because I never paid for you (Birthday dinners and such). I hope you reach the giant cutlery drawer in the sky.

Dear Queen of Tarts. Your “pregnant lady” cookies were my favourite. Remember that time Jamie and I ordered 25 presidential election-themed cookies from you? That was good times.

Also that vintage clothing store, BOHO, probably something in the next ten minutes: Sorry you also died.



One of my new fabric sandals from the Gap is bigger than the other and keeps falling off my foot.


I totally just fixed that shoe with my amazing home-maker skills! BOOYAH!

Sweaty Wet / Dirty Damp

Yesterday, I awoke to the sound of rainy pitter patters on the roof. My plan to go on a solo breakfast mission had been sabotaged, so I thought I’d make breakfast which I NEVER do.
It turned out pretty good- I made an omelette-type thing (Is it an omelette when I just dump the eggs and some other stuff in a pan?) with mushrooms, green onion, havarti and dill. MMMM delicious. And I chopped up a mango to go with it. Mangoes are my favourite fruit. I also enjoy them in lassi and ice cream form.

This is the first weekend in a while where I really didn’t have anything to do, so I wanted to take advantage of my responsibility-to-no one day.
Originally I was going to go for breakfast, then down to the High Park pool for some chillaxing and whatnot, bathing in the sun to fix my skin transparency, but the rain squished my plans so my day turned into: Awesome day of girl things + nothing. This means I would watch many chick flicks, do my nails, possibly nap if I felt like it. Basically do whatever I wanted.

After my nails were did and my flicks were watched, I thought I should squeeze one productive thing into the day, so I did the dishes. Which led to cleaning the kitchen, which led to mopping the floor, which led to cleaning my entire apartment except for the bedroom which we now refer to as the Dead Zone. So, oops, I got some things done too, but that’s OK. I forgive myself.

At some point, I was alerted to the fact that Toronto was going up in flames, but at that point I was more worried about how I would get to my cheese snack after I mopped the kitchen floor. (Plan ahead…always plan ahead)

We were supposed to go the TFC game but it looked like getting there would require an umbrella and a gas mask, and we really weren’t all that committed, so we bailed. Which was fine because we had more time to Waupoos it up before Chris and Monica came over to eat Vietnamese and go to the crazy house party with us.

The party was pretty crazy, I have to say. Although whoever was supposed to be checking the “list” keep wandering away, so it wasn’t the steel vault of security we expected. Good times were had dancing to BOTH DJs (yes there were two- but only one had been flown in from Germany). The place was pretty insanely awesome- it’s a hidden gem at Queen and Lansdowne where the door looks like it leads to your death, but then you go up the stairs and it’s all 16 foot ceilings and crazy lighting. After we came home, we accidentally fell asleep on the couch, woke up to sun and crawled into the Dead Zone until 11. Exactly the way a Saturday should be.

– Boo rain spoiling my plans (but my Plan B plans were good so it’s not sooo ugly)
– Making us take off our outdoor shoes at the party = Sticky feet and socks for all.

Little things that I love to do on lazy weekends (that seem incredibly insignificant but that make the day awesome):
1. Bringing my duvet and pillow from the bedroom onto the couch where the big tv is and setting up a kind of “relaxation fort” where once you get comfy you literally could stay in that position until you have to pee.
2. Setting up a cornucopia of entertainment around me so nothing is never more than a one-arm reach. Magazine pile on my left, laptop on my lap (duh) DVDs laid out in order of viewing schedule, phone on my right, mani/pedi equipment in front of the couch, TV playing constant brain-garbage. Perfect.
3. Not showering until absolutely necessary.

When Two Become One

So, big week for disasters: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, the G 20 (budoomboom)(like the drums…)

On Wednesday, 2 Earthquakes occurred in Canada:

The first was a 5.0 Earthquake caused by a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust creating seismic waves. (Thank you Wikipedia).

The second was a metaphorical earthquake of the soul caused by the following:

My friend Chris and I accidentally showed up at work wearing the exact same outfit. How embarrassing. But for who???!! (Chris just happened to have the blonde wig…he did not show up at work like that. Although I would not put it past him.)

Perhaps I should stop buying unisex clothing. I am constantly under threat of becoming the next guest on What Not To Wear. Everyone I know agrees I could benefit. Truthfully, I would not mind $5,000 worth of new clothes. That kind of money could buy a lot of v-neck t-shirts.

Moving on…So it’s gearing up to be a pretty awesome/ strange weekend. Jamie and I are possibly going to the TFC game tomorrow where I will challenge David Beckham to an extreme soccer challenge where the winner gets to do an Armani photo shoot with Victoria Beckham. I am the guaranteed winner.
Also, we have been invited to a very random/ possibly interesting house party where there will be a bouncer (We had to RSVP for “the list”), a DJ being flown in from some European country and a cash bar in the house….I feel I will need to break out the glow sticks and rave it up to fit in.

I will report on my weekend findings once I have recovered. For now, it’s Treme time. (Belated season finale…Why John Goodman, Why!??)

Ugly: Chris and I as twins

Awesome: Chris and I as twins


Back to real life

So Day 2 on set was great. All the extras were awesome and it was a pretty fun day altogether. I like working on comedies (especially dark ones) because the number of hilarious people in one room makes for a wicked day of hilarity. I even had a cameo in the video as the coy receptionist.

Today was back to regular-life work and I had a pretty good day. I was running a mix today which is fun because I get to go across the hall and play voice-over director for a while. Today, in particular, our voice actor was a few minutes late, so we turned the cable on and watched the Chile/ Switzerland game on the big screen. fun.

I also met an insane woman today who was hallucinating that my friend and I worked with her and had to help her “finish the project”. You couldn’t tell she was crazy from far away because she looked relatively regular. But then she gets closer and you see the fanny pack. And you know something’s up. And then sure enough, a minute later you own your own business and an imaginary deadline is coming up and you will all “meet back here tomorrow. That’s the plan”… Fanny packs.

Also went for a once-in-a-while McDonalds dinner with Jazzy and then shopped till the stores closed at the Eaton centre. Bought a fun lezzie tank top that will be sure to attract all the truckers at Pride this year. Shows off my biceps. yeeeaaahh…


Being a supporting character in another person’s fantasy.
My addiction to Vitamin Water. It’s getting out of hand- I had 2 today!
All the shoes I tried on today. Where did all the flattering sandals go? Or is it just my feet…


Watching the World Cup during work hours.
These two guys outside of the Eaton Centre who looked to have bought out Aldo. They actually had 8 bags of shoes. It was impressive.
Hanging out with Jazzy Jazz whilst making up harmonized songs about various things in the mall as USUAL.

Number Five is Alive!

Hi friends!

Once again, I haven’t had a lot of time to post as I’ve been a busy bee around town. First, Sara’s birthday party which consisted of going to see “Get Him To The Greek” and having a delicious martini and olive pizza at Hey Lucy’s on King. I always feel like I need to look slightly more fashionable on King so I wore heels all day- paying for it still. My feet prefer a thin sheet of flat rubber between them and the ground. And no more than a couple inches of canvas over the top of the foot. Otherwise my feet get claustrophobic and have a panic attack.

Jamie and I have also been gearing up for the shoot this weekend- Jamie’s producing and I’m helping with art department. Last night we were at the location to set dec the first scene- exciting! Until the power went out and we all pooped our pants. But it came back on soon after and all was well. (Excellent story- I know) It’s going to be a long weekend, but for the most part, it should also be really fun. I love being on set. I miss it. I love my regular-every-day job too, but it’s nice to periodically work on things where I get to dust off my creative, artistic side and spend a few days getting dirty and doing real hands-on work. LIKE A REAL MAN! (Growls, tears off lumberjack shirt, eats whole squirrel)

Today was the first day on set and I have to say I’m literally so tired that I refuse to caption the photos. Take that!

Taking the TTC home after the shoot, I actually and legitimately tried for about 10 seconds to walk UP the DOWN escalator. 13 year olds laughed, best moment of my life.

Being on set with good, fun people, set food (oh no, so much candy!), white freezees (first of the summer today!!).

Now please enjoy my lazy blackout night/ 1st day on set pictures. See you later when I’m awake!

Who Says Blogs Are Narcissistic?

Me. I do. Now look at a million pictures of my face.

I have to choose new glasses really soon. It’s getting to the point where I can’t read the menu at Tim Horton’s anymore. I have to ask them to read the daily soups to me. Very depressing. Not to mention my frames have turned all matte and gross instead of shiny and new.

So yesterday I went to Lens Crafters and after beating 7 commission-based banshees away with my umbrella I took approximately 1 thousand pictures of myself wearing approximately 1 thousand different pairs of glasses.

Some of you will not see a difference between any of them. I call you people men.

For those who see that they are all different- tell me which ones to choose! And be ruthless. Tell me which ones accentuate my double chin or my white-chalk complexion. Some of them are here just because I couldn’t NOT take a picture of them, they’re that crazy. But seriously, I need help.


The shame of taking that many pictures of myself in Lens Crafters.


I made fake Thai Gang Panang last night- turned out pretty delicious. (It’s fake because instead of using Panang paste I used Indian red curry…)

This new Jones soda that’s supposed to be “Blueberry Lemonade” flavour but tastes exactly like a candy necklace.

New soccer ball!! Now I can go to the park and challenge old men to mini World Cup. I’m always Guam.

Drinking Is An Art

I’m pooped. This weekend has been full and lovely.

First off, I had fantastic dinner/ drinks courtesy of Chef William on Friday. He and Kari have just returned from Europe and have brought with them many delicious foods/drinks/ideas. The first was the “Spritz” from Italy which is really gross/amazingly delicious. I literally cannot explain it. It’s made from Campari and sparkling wine. Following that was a spread of tapenades, my favourite being one made from corn, onions and lavendar- say what??!!! The main course was wild boar (correct) with asparagus and supremely mashed potatoes (they were like clouds) and everything ended with my all-time favourite dessert, Creme Brulée. He made it from scratch, set the thing on fire and everything. Good food makes me smile. I actually do a dance. Many people will notice I start jiggling in my chair when I think something is delicious. Sometimes I don’t even notice. Weird.

On Saturday, Jamie and I ran around town to various places picking up props and set-dec material for an upcoming shoot. We went to several Value Villages, but my favourite stop of the day was the flea market at Old Weston Rd. and St. Claire West. Such an incredibly weird place!!! I only got a couple pics of my favourite random antiquey booth, but they are doosies. Please look for “The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler”.

Saturday evening was spent being artsy and drunk at “Drink and Draw”- a fundraiser type thing which pretty much is exactly what you think it will be when you hear the name. You drink and then you draw. Or you do both at the same time. I tried a few life drawing attempts but ultimately sketched the weirdness that occurs in my brain instead. Let’s just say there’s a giant frog in my picture.

Sunday was delicious brunch at Mitzy’s Sister on Sorauren- really good food, but pretty slow service. You really have to be OK with sitting there all morning enjoying the passers by. Which most of the time I am, so it’s cool. That afternoon was spent sifting through stores in Kensington (more prop hunting) and picking up fresh fruits, veggies and meat at the local market-thing and the butcher. And Loblaws for stuff like pasta sauce- we never succeed at shopping entirely local.

Now it’s time to eat my steak and strawberries, put my feet up and watch the first episode of True Blood Season 3. Booyah.

Mosquito bites from Wednesday’s soccer game. JUST GO AWAY!!!

Pretty much all weekend- but a highlight would be Claire at the bar wildly motioning toward a white guy with male pattern baldness, yelling “Sonia!” in an accusing way. I guess she really couldn’t tell the difference. I almost peed myself with laughter.

Fat Chicks in Party Hats


Yesterday we celebrated the birth of my good friend, Daryl. It started with a giant Thai lunch, courtesy of the office. Then, we went out, we had drinks, we (not actually me) skateboarded in a parking lot, we had awesome pizza and we stayed out way too late for a Thursday night. Good times all around. No Waupoos in sight, so I tried a Magner’s Irish Cider. Pretty good- very sweet. Like an alcoholic candy apple.

Today was a sleepy day for the video department, to say the least. Add on a delicious Indian buffet for lunch and what you’re left with is an extremely angry tummy (but a very multicultural one).

I was ran into by a blind man. Meley thought I ran into him. I was innocent. It was ugly. Having to pee so bad in the car after the bar that we literally had to make an extreme emergency stop at a Subway. You never feel like a grown up after that.

Good times with good folks. Skateboarding for 1 minute- my goal since I was 12 was to be a hardcore skateboard chick. Never happened. Sooo much delicious food in sooo little time. It hurts.

La Pluie et Les Ladies

My French is amazing.
The past couple of days have been pretty filled to the brim with activities, leaving me with little time to actually blog about them. (Probably a good thing or I may turn into a very sad and pathetic person overall) (Maybe I am already sad and pathetic but that is beside the point). Besides work work work always work, I had a lovely ladies night with the ladies where I was belated birthday gifted The Simple Life Season 5 (yessssssss…) and we watched THE ENTIRE SEASON in one sitting. This is why I love the ladies. No one else appreciates the subtle witty intellect of Nicole Ritchie like they do. And also her hottness.

And today we played our first full soccer game of the season and won 2-0! Boom.
Last week the game was rained out after 1st half because the field was a river. I also got to test drive my new umbrella today. I always feel very sophisticated with my rubber boots and umbrella. Which is odd because rubber boots are probably the least sophisticated thing ever invented besides the fart machine. Just kidding, I take it back. Fart machines are amazing. I also hate when you put rubber boots on in the morning thinking it’s going to rain and then it gets sunny and you walk around all day with your boots on in the heat. That’s a smelly foot.

The rain without thunderstorms. AGAIN. Come on Thor, get on that shit!

Ladies. Jasmine’s cat, Runty. Nicole Ritchie. Leopard Print Snuggies.
Also, Soccer (I play sweeper) Winning Soccer. And the fact that the field where we play is under the Broadview Subway bridge thing when it goes outside. Pretty crazy. About to go WAUPOOS it up with Jamie. WAUPOOS!